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Happy June! We have some exciting new offerings to kick off your summer.

First off, our Pennsylvania Lighting Form (PALF) calculator has been updated. You can download the new calculator on our website. Be sure to bookmark the PALF location so that you always download the most up to date version!

Also, we have some new products available for rebates in our Distributor Discount Program where you receive instant discounts at point of sale. Click here to download our updated program flyer and here is a quick list of our current participating distributors!

Please share these offerings with your customers. Hello, new business!


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  • You can co-brand our Direct Discount Program flyer. Click here to send your company information and logo and we’ll add we’ll create a custom, co-branded flyer for your use! 

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Want more business? Offer your clients rebates on a building automation system (BAS).

This system lowers energy use during off-hours and keeps occupants comfortable by giving them precise control over heating, cooling and ventilation. The way a BAS achieves such precision is through automatic valves, dampers, VFD controls, a central computer control system and a network of sensors that monitor temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.

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Here’s some feedback from one of our business customers highlighting just how beneficial the Business Energy Efficiency Program can be:

“They worked closely with us to develop a standard calculation that accurately incentivizes our client’s advanced control installations. Bud Fogelman, account manager, and Janak Gahlot, energy engineer, worked tirelessly, with no preconceived outcome, to correctly prove the savings of our controlled lighting system. Our customer has reduced its lighting load by 83 percent, receiving a rebate that reflects this. Best of all, they will continue to enjoy these savings for decades to come. Overall, I’m honored to have been a part of this process and believe any business can benefit from the additional forward cash flow we can provide and prove, thanks to the efforts.”

Colin Kelly
CEO, Smart Start Lighting

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Don’t forget to sign up for the new PALF training session. Click here to RSVP or look out for an email to register.


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July 13

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July 27

EnergyPATH Conference - DeSales University, Gerald White Conference Center
Visit our table and join our session on Continuous Energy Improvements with Auralia Lundquist

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