Happy Earth Day!

Great news! In our energy efficiency programs, customers have saved over 2 billion kilowatt-hours per year. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency this is equivalent to: 
Removing 358,210 cars from the road for one year. Taking 250,413 homes off the grid for one year.
Well done! Thank you for embodying the spirit of Earth Day by encouraging energy savings.


Looking for Instant Rebates?  

PPL Business customers can save up to $1800 instantly on energy efficient lighting. Not only will you save money and energy in both the short and long term, there is no paperwork to deal with and no waiting. Visit a location today to start saving. 

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Advanced Lighting Offering

Did you know that PPL can provide rebates for Advanced Lighting projects under our custom program that are currently eligible to receive $0.06/kWh?  Projects that meet the DLC Networked Lighting Control System Requirements are eligible for the higher rebates and can save customers 40% - 90% on their lighting energy over uncontrolled fixtures.

Advanced Lighting controls involve sensors that control for both daylight and occupancy, continuous dimming and trim capabilities, as well as networking capabilities that allow for individual fixture control and data logging. These capabilities can dramatically reduce energy usage from lighting by reducing on-time and allow better tracking of energy use by providing reporting capabilities to managers.
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See the savings
PPL Electric Utilities recently helped a healthcare company with a local distribution center install advanced lighting controls with an intelligent LED system by providing over $100,000 in rebates! By utilizing this technology, they will also save over 1.8 million kWh annually, which will also result in lowering their energy bill!

See the DLC website for more details on required capabilities, and ask us for more information regarding these rebates

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April 23

Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors  - Enola, PA 

April 26 

PPL Business Energy Efficiency Program’s Business Expo - McAdoo, PA
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April 27

Pennsylvania Society for Health Facility Engineering - Harrisburg, PA 

May 5

Sustainability Symposium - Philadelphia, PA 

May 7 - 10

Pennsylvania State Association of Borough - Harrisburg, PA


May 11

Education Webinar: Efficiency at the Head of its Class 
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