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October 2018

According to ENERGY STAR®, the average commercial building wastes 30 percent of the energy it consumes. Help your customers save energy by starting with low-cost improvements such as:

  • Operations & maintenance — Regularly maintain equipment to ensure it’s functioning efficiently. Optimize start-up time, power-down time, and equipment sequencing.
  • Lighting — Remove unnecessary lamps in over-lit areas. Check light levels against standards from the Illuminating Engineering Society to see if you have areas that are over- or under-lit.
  • Heating & cooling — Replace air handler filters and clean evaporator and condenser coils on heat pumps, air conditioners, or chillers. Keeping coils clean saves energy.

Distributor Instant Discount Program/Midstream

Due to an increase in projects with incentives greater than $1,800, we have initiated a process to request pre-approvals for projects over $1,800 in rebate dollars:

  • All sales that result in incentives totaling over $1,800 must be pre-approved.
  • Do not break up projects that exceed $1,800 in rebate funds to avoid having to submit for pre-approval.
  • Failure to gain pre-approval prior to closing a sale may result in denied payment.

Customer Account Numbers Required – Effective January 1, 2019, to purchase product through the midstream program, the PPL account number associated with the installation address will be required at the point of purchase. This will speed up processing time and reduce payment delays. Stay tuned for more details in next month’s newsletter.

Online Portal launch Coming Soon – We continue to develop our new online portal and will keep you informed on timelines and training opportunities. A January 2019 launch is expected.


Direct Discount Program

GNE Projects – Until further notice, Government, Non-profit, and Education (GNE) projects will not be accepted through the Direct Discount Program.

Reminders – Please bear in mind that construction is not to begin until a pre-approval letter has been received. Having a pre-verification completed is not pre-approval to begin construction. Also, products purchased through our Distributor Instant Discount/Midstream Program are not to be used for the Direct Discount Program.

Think Outside the bulb! - We’re happy to see that many of you are taking advantage of our lighting rebates. Don’t forget that certain retrofit compressed air and refrigeration projects are also eligible for a $0.15/kWh rebate, up to 80 percent of the project cost. To help you identify potential rebate opportunities, use the estimators on our website or email Melissa Stambaugh.

Contractor Training – The next training webinar will be on November 20 at 4 p.m. Attend as a program refresher or to ask questions.


Monthly Contractor Recognition Awards

We’re excited to announce the Contractor Recognition Awards for September:

Most Projects Submitted:
Green Tech Energy Services

Highest kWh Savings:
A1 Energy

Most Direct Discount Projects Submitted:
Lighting Solutions

Highest Distributor Instant Discount Sales:
Friedman Electric


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