Important updates to the PPL Business Energy Efficiency Program

Contractor Newsletter: September 2019

General program reminders

Thank you for your continued interest in the PPL Business Energy Efficiency Program! Please note these reminders to help the rebate application process go more efficiently:

  • All applications must be submitted and in good order within 180 days of project completion date in order to be considered for a rebate.
  • All custom products require pre-approval.
  • Custom hours cannot be used on the PALF unless the savings are greater than 120,000 kWh. Custom hours are required when savings are greater than 120,000 kWh.
  • A customer W-9 is required, even if the contractor receives the rebate.
  • The final project savings and rebate is based on the final engineering review and may be different from the pre-approved amount.

Direct Discount Program reminders

  • A distributor invoice related to each project is required as part of your final documentation submission.
  • Full pre-approval is required prior to beginning construction. An on-site verification is NOT considered pre-approval. If pre-approval is not received prior to construction, the project will be transferred to our Standard Program.
  • Pre-install and post-install photos are required for every project even if a verification has been completed. Photos should include: a) Front of business where measures are being installed; b) Photos of the fixture types being replaced, and; c) A few wide shots of the areas being retrofit.

Direct Discount Program contractor training – if you’re a new Direct Discount Program contractor or need a refresher, register for our next webinar training on September 18, 2019 at 9 a.m. EST.


Distributor Instant Discount Program/Midstream

Large project pre-approvals Distributors can provide a discount for projects of varying sizes. If the project rebate funds exceed $1,800, pre-approval is necessary to ensure that the project is qualified. Extremely large projects require additional documentation and it may be necessary to utilize another PPL program.

Installation verification & follow-up All sales are subject to on-site or phone verifications. Customers should be notified that either CLEAResult® or Cadmus, the program evaluator, may reach out to them with questions, and possibly visit on-site to view the status of the lighting project. It is expected that all products be installed within 90 days of purchase.

Qualified products ENERGY STAR® and DesignLights Consortium® are publicly listed catalogs of tested energy-efficient products. When considering options for a lighting project, check them to see if the product is listed to ensure that it qualifies for a discount.

Congratulations to our top performers for the month of August!

Most Projects Submitted:
Danfoss LLC & A1 Energy, Inc.

Highest kWh Savings:
Benchmark Group

Most Direct Discount Projects Submitted:
Danfoss, LLC.

Highest Distributor Instant Discount Sales:
Friedman Electric Supply

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