Contractor Newsletter March 2017

Program Update

Thank you for your continued participation in our program. As 2017 is well underway, we will be elevating the level of review of what is considered a complete application. Please review the checklist below to ensure applications are submitted with all the required documentation. Please click through to see an example of any of the items below.

  • Customer PPL Bill
  • Customer W9
  • PALF (Pennsylvania Lighting Form)
  • Spec sheets – (Annotated to reference the fixtures on the PALF)
  • Invoice (s)
  • Third Party Payee Form (when applicable)
  • Contractor W9 (when applicable)
Click here to see sample forms


What's going on

PPL is offering Small Businesses BIG REBATES through our Direct Discount Program — All GS-1 or GS-3 customers that use less than 300,000 kWh annually* can earn $0.10/kWh, up to 80% of the Project Cost, for qualifying Energy Efficiency Projects.

*Pre-approval is required. Consumption data will be based on the usage from previous calendar year.

Contact the program's Account Manager 

Did you know PPL also offers lighting discounts at distributors?

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Things are looking up! Have you looked up lately and thought about changing your existing inefficient lighting to new LED’s?

If so, you're in luck; PPL has Distributor Discounts on efficient lighting! Just purchase your lighting from the qualified product list and the distributor will discount your purchase price.

There's no application and no paperwork. HURRY, limited remaining supply is available until May 31, 2017, so be sure to get your energy efficient products today!

See Eligible Product List 

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Repairing leaks qualifies for rebates! 

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That hissing noise could be a leak. Leaks rob plants of money by allowing air that’s been compressed to escape before it has done any useful work. Consider regularly checking for leaks and fixing them. Reducing leakage equates to savings on your electric bill: a 1/16” leak can waste as much as $1,000 per year in electricity. *

*Costs calculated using electricity rate of $0.10 per kWh, assuming constant operation and an efficient compressor.

See how this business customized a rebate opportunity

0217-PPL-CI-687681-2017 Email Assests and Support_Farm_V2_R1.pngThree pig farms are changing the way they keep their piglets warm. This project involved changing heat lamps to heat mats which greatly reduce the amount of energy used. These mats actually turn themselves off when the air temperature exceeds 80 degrees. Our engineering team will quantify the savings by averaging the overall yearly consumption of the existing lamps against the new heat mats. This is a great example of a contractor “thinking outside the bulb,” and finding new ways of helping their customers save energy. If a project can demonstrate kWh savings, then there is a good chance it can be qualified for a rebate.

Contact us with your Custom Rebate Idea

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