Contractor Newsletter: October 2019

October is Energy Efficiency
Awareness Month

To celebrate Energy Efficiency Awareness Month, we’re recognizing participating customers by sending them their Excellence for Energy Efficiency Participation Program badges.

This month is the perfect time to talk to your customers about increasing their energy efficiency in ways that go beyond lighting upgrades. Our Direct Discount Program offers $0.14/kWh for custom projects such as advanced lighting controls, compressed air and VFDs. Pre-approval is required on all custom projects.

Direct Discount Program updates

Effective December 1, 2019, the incentive amount for prescriptive measures will be reduced from $0.15/kWh to $0.13/kWh. Custom projects will still be offered at $0.14/kWh until further notice.


  • All Direct Discount project details should be communicated directly to your main point of contact for each company. This contact is assigned when completing the Direct Discount Contractor Agreement and Direct Discount Contractor Training Webinar. If there are questions regarding your projects, please contact the account manager assigned to your rebate or the program management team.
  • A Direct Discount Program FAQ sheet is now available to participating Direct Discount contractors.
  • When submitting projects through the portal, please ensure the kWh savings measure is completed as well as providing all customer contact information.
  • A distributor invoice related to each project is required as part of your final documentation submission.
  • Full pre-approval is required prior to beginning construction. An on-site verification is NOT considered pre-approval. If pre-approval is not received prior to construction, the project will be transferred to our Standard Program.

Distributor Instant Discount Program/Midstream

Program outreach: New Distributor Instant Discount customers will receive a postcard thanking them for participating in the program. Along with the postcard, they’ll be provided a link to enter to win a free gift card. A sample of customers will also receive a short phone call to ask about their awareness and experience with the program.

Large project pre-approval: Distributors can provide a discount for projects of varying sizes. Those that qualify for a discount over $1,800 must be pre-approved through your lighting distributor. Failure to get pre-approval puts a project at risk of being capped at $1,800 regardless of total size.

Installation verification and follow-up: Customers must be made aware that a PPL discount has been applied to the price of their lighting products when applicable. As part of the program, projects will be sampled for phone and in-person installation verification. Follow-up may be necessary if customers are unaware of the PPL discount received or if the products are not installed.

Qualified products: ENERGY STAR® and DesignLights Consortium® are publicly listed catalogs of tested and energy-efficient products. When considering options for a lighting project, check them to see if the product is listed to ensure that it qualifies for a discount:

Congratulations to our top performers for the month of September!

Most Projects Submitted:
Budderfly, Inc.

Highest kWh Savings:
SmartWatt Energy Inc.

Most Direct Discount Projects Submitted:
Hornung's Industrial Supply Inc.

Highest Distributor Instant Discount Sales:
Schaedler Yesco

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