PPL Business Energy Efficiency Program Contractor News

2018 Pre-Approval Requirements

Beginning January 1, 2018, pre-approval is required to reserve funding for all applications submitted for the PPL Business Energy Efficiency Program.

What does this mean?

Effective immediately, all project applications submitted after January 1, 2018 will require pre-approval to reserve* funds, if available, for rebates from the PPL Business Energy Efficiency Program.

A pre-approval application allows customers to determine if the project meets the eligibility requirements of the Program. Upon approval of the pre-application, available funds will be reserved for the project.

Any projects currently underway, that will complete construction after January 1, 2018, are encouraged to submit a pre-approval application by December 31, 2017 to reserve funds.

Please contact us at 1-866-432-5501 with any questions or visit our website to start an application.

*Reserving funds ensures the amount reserved will be available upon completion of the project; however, the final rebate amount is not guaranteed until the final project savings are verified.

We appreciate your assistance with this pre-approval process. This will allow PPL to better allocate funds throughout Phase 3 of the Program.

Waitlist Established for Government, Non-Profit & Education Programs

Effective January 15, 2018, due to high demand of our energy efficiency program, a waitlist will begin for all government, non-profit, and education programs for Phase 3, which ends May 31, 2021. All existing reserved projects and complete pre-approval applications received on or before 11:59 pm on January 14, 2018 will be eligible for rebates as long as they are completed before May 31, 2021. Customers are encouraged to continue to send pre-approval applications for projects that are eligible for rebates and will be completed before May 31, 2021. Waitlist projects will be the first projects considered if and when additional funding becomes available.

Thank you